Betty & Miller Story

Liz Hubert and Louise Miller met some 13 years ago amid nappies, sleepless nights and entertaining young children. It was whilst trying to amuse young children that they met Jenny Gibbons (owner of Fruits of Suffolk) and shared numerous cups of tea with each other at Coddenham Toddler group.

As the years flew by, the sleepless nights were replaced with many get togethers and the tea was replaced with something stronger! Both ladies realised they had other common interests including cooking and running.

Louise upped the running and achieved a tick off her bucket list by running the London Marathon in 2009, heavily supported by Liz.

Not liking to be left behind, Liz eventually thought she had better start running too and joined in with Louise so that she could show her how to do it properly. Sometimes Louise thought Liz was too slow or lazy or grumpy and would call out words of encouragement like “Come on Betty”. Sometimes “Betty” thought Louise was too slow or lazy or grumpy and would call out encouragement to “Miller”.

Louise aka Miller successfully completed the London Marathon again (yes she’s just a show off) in 2015. Liz aka Betty finally did the London Marathon in 2016.It was during the endless hours of training that the nicknames Betty & Miller stuck.

In 2009 amongst all the running Louise also found time to start The Suffolk Pate Company and in 2014 moved into a new unit next to the Fruits of Suffolk kitchen. In 2013 Liz started working for Jenny at Fruits of Suffolk.

Jenny Gibbons decided to retire in 2017 and Louise and Liz joined forces to purchase Fruits of Suffolk and merge it with Suffolk Pate…..

Creating a name for the new company was an easy option it had to be Betty & Miller Ltd.