Meet The Team

Liz Hubert
Co Owner & Director
Loves running, the great outdoors and spending time with her family. Eats far too much toast and jam. Doesn’t have a favourite product, she’s too greedy and loves them all.
Louise Miller
Co Owner & Director
The founder of The Suffolk Pate Company, Louise is a keen runner and cook, and weirdly loves doing accounts. Mother to three great kids, supporter of all things Suffolk and a pate perfectionist. Favourite product is ???
Lisa Martin
Head Cook
Lisa’s a dab hand in the kitchen and loves to see the shelves full. When she’s not stirring jam she can be found cycling around the Suffolk countryside. Also great behind the lens of a camera, she has done all our photography work for us. Favourite product is our chick pea pate.
Jo Louis
Jo can be found either helping out in the kitchen or delivering twice a week to our lovely customers. A lover of neat rows and order and will get cross if you steal her pen! Favourite marmalade is Old English.
Lou Kemp
Lou has worked with Jenny at Fruits of Suffolk for over twenty years, so there’s not a lot that Lou doesn’t know about jam or chutney. Lou loves a chat and keeps the kitchen lively. Favourite product is strawberry jam.